Service Areas

Rising global population is putting increased pressure on the agriculture industry to meet food demand. Important developments in fertilizers, chemicals and seeds have been key in helping the sector rise to the challenge. With the world population set to grow by 1.2 billion before the end of the decade, and daily caloric intake growing by over 500 calories a day over the past few decades, food consumption continues to climb and farmers are increasingly reliant on technology and mechanization to speed up output.

Agriculture sector is growing tremendously and we have specialized in understanding the requirements to satisfy both domestic as well as import export requirements of the world and thereby aim to partner the HR requirement of this industry by maintaining and providing skilled staff for various requirements like Production manager, Process Manager, Stores Incharge, Melting superintendent, Feedmill expert, Quality experts, Sales Team, Distribution managers, Poultry & Hatchery Managers, Farm technicians, Mechanical engineers , Finance experts, Costing experts, Clearing and Forwarding managers, Cold storage experts etc. Mapping of the skill and providing the exact manpower to tap the need is our forte in this domain due to our extensive experience in the agriculture domain.