Service Areas

Convergence is becoming increasingly important in the context of the global business environment. Companies are under pressure to maximize their IT framework investments, giving rise to higher demand for dependable, reasonably-priced IT network infrastructure. In order to achieve this, the industry is obliged to provide integrated multi-provider products, services and technological savvy. The global IT outsourcing market continues to record strong growth, The world IT integration market is expected to reach almost $340 billion in the year 2017.The telecom industry is undergoing a period of strong growth, Demand for cable broadband and wireless broadband is strong. Africa is the fastest growing region for mobile communications and may well present one of the most fertile grounds for ICT investment anywhere in the world. To meet the increased demand we at SHRSPL provide a helping hand by sourcing and placing highly skilled and talented human resource be it in the arena of Software Engineer/ Programmer, Systems Engineer, Database Architect/ Designer, Program Manager, System Security – Engineer, Telecom Engineer, Network planning Installation & Administration, switching, system and network engineers etc.