Languages - Arabic

Climate - Dubai has a hot desert climate. Summers in Dubai are extremely hot, windy, and humid, with an average high around 42 °C (108 °F) and overnight lows around 29 °C.

Living in Dubai - The cost of living in Dubai is very high. The quality, luxuriousness and attention to detail in Dubai makes it a comfortable place to live, work and explore. One can never ever suffer from boredom in a city within an emirate that has more activities, events, services and facilities than you could get around to enjoying in one lifetime. There is always something new to do, try, taste, see, encounter or experience in Dubai. One shouldn’t underestimate the appeal of a climate that’s predictably hot almost year-round…nor of the fact that every shop, bar, restaurant, place of work and expat home has amazing air conditioning!

There is no income tax in Dubai. Transferring money from Dubai to India does not attract any income tax. The only thing you have to pay is the transfer fee, and that too can be taken care of, depending on your bank. Traveling to Dubai is as good as traveling from Mumbai to Kolkata or Delhi to Chennai! In case of an emergency, you can be back in India in 2.5 to 3 hrs. Labor is cheap and you can hire a maid too for household chores. The Dubai Metro is the world’s longest fully automated metro network (75km), the bus service is also very good. Carpooling is quite trendy too in Dubai.

Indian Community- Around Two million Indian migrants are estimated to be living in the UAE who form over 30% of the total population of the UAE. A majority of Indians live in the three largest cities of the UAE — Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. For more than two decades, Dubai has been a go-to destination for Indian professionals. A majority of them were either blue-collar workers or professionals employed in traditional industries such as banking, retail, finance, construction, etc. Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, and is much safer than cities like Mumbai or Bangalore. A bunch of girls can easily go out in the night without worrying a lot about safety. Dubai is one of those cities that respects women.


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