Capital and Largest city - Accra

Languages - English

Climate - There are year round temperatures of between 28 to 38 degrees Celsius, and a humidity of 85 percent average, with the only distinction in season being dry and wet.

Living in Ghana - The country is less riddled with crime, corruption and political instability. The cost of entertainment and dine out varies according to an individual expat's tastes and preferences. Dinner for two at a restaurant in Ghana can cost anything between 25 – 75 USD, depending on whether you opt to eat at a local restaurant or prefer international cuisine; while A ticket to the cinema in Accra costs around 5 USD. Hourly rate of domestic help would cost approx 2.5 USD.

Indians in Ghana- The Ghanaian Indians are socially active. In Accra, they have set up an Indian Association and an Indian Social Centre, both of which function from the premises of an Indian temple that has been constructed by the Ghanaian Indian community in Accra. Various social and cultural programs are organized there, as well as festivals to mark important religious days. Many Indians have lived over 50 years in Ghana – the oldest residents have been in Ghana since 1939 – and they see Ghana as their first home. There are 3000 Indian expats residing in Ghana who have been registered under Indian High Commission office. However it does not include those who have not registered themselves, actual number must be far higher than the official figure.


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Ghana is affiliated to CBSE and IGCSE and is run by DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL SOCIETY, New Delhi registered under the Society’s act providing education right from class Nursery through futuristic technology of teaching.

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