Capital - Abuja

Largest city - Lagos

Languages - English

Climate - Nigeria's location in the tropics has given her a tropical hot climate. Temperatures in Nigeria varies according to the seasons of the year as with other lands found in the tropics. Nigeria's seasons are determined by rainfall with rainy season and dry season being the major seasons in Nigeria.

Living in Nigeria - Many Western governments, including the US and the UK reports by the aforementioned bodies claim that both violent and minor crime rates remain high throughout the country, and that though foreigners aren’t necessarily targeted in the urban centres of Lagos and Abuja. Cost of living is high and one can relocate easily if local expenses are taken cared of by the employers. Domestic help, cinema ticket would cost 150 & 10 USD resp. per month.

Indians in Nigeria - Starting from the 1970s, the Nigerian government and several private sector agencies began to hire a large number of Indian doctors, teachers, engineers and other professionals. Towards the end of the 1980s, there are as many as 217,000 Indian expatriates in Nigeria.

Altogether, including Nigerians of Indian origin and expatriates, there are 25,000 Hindus in Nigeria. Most are resident in Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria.


Indian Language school www.ilslagos.com

The Indian language School is located in Lagos, Nigeria. It was established in April 1982 and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, which is the largest Educational board in India.