Capital & Largest city - Kigali

Languages - Kinyarwanda, French, English

Climate - Uganda's climate is tropical, though temperatures cool with increasing altitude. Its annual rainfall ranges from more than 2,100 millimeters around Lake Victoria to about 500 millimeters in the northeast. Vegetation is heaviest in the south. Plant cover thins in the savanna and dry plain regions in the northeast.

Living in Rwanda - The cost of living is high, especially in Kigali; although expats will likely have higher salaries or local expenses to be taken cared of by the employers to offset this. Safety remains a concern for expats contemplating a move to Rwanda.

With its successful 2022 World Cup bid, the nation has also been spending vast amounts to improve infrastructure. As a result, it’s likely that more manpower will be required to continue transforming Doha, the capital city often described as half building site, half park, into something whole

Indians in Rwanda - Rwanda, a nation of just 11 million people that is seen as the newest African success story and also hailed as the "least corrupt country in Africa", is looking to tap into the entrepreneurial dynamism of smaller Indian cities for investments in the country's development.

The country's only modern textile mill, sugar refinery and cosmetics factory are owned by persons of Indian origin. Rwanda hosts a big number of over 1,000 Indians living in Rwanda who are involved in all kinds of business that include; industries, education, construction, infrastructure, ICT and telecommunication.


The International School of Kigali www.isk-rwanda.org

Rwanda is a non-profit, child centered community of learners which offers a college preparatory program from Pre-school through grade 12.

Kigali International Community School www.kicsrw.org

Kigali International Community School (KICS) began in August of 2006. It grew out of the need of several international families in Kigali searching for an English-medium, American-styled education in a Christian context.