Capital & Largest city - Kigali

Languages - English, Malay, Mandrain, Tamil

Climate - Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate

Living in Singapore - Expats moving to Singapore will find themselves in a city credited with offering foreigners one of the finest lifestyles in the world. The country has an exemplary public transport system, excellent communications, top class healthcarefacilities and a multiethnic and cosmopolitan culture that promotes tolerance and a good standard of life for its citizens. Not to mention, Singapore is incredibly safe. Expat families living in Singapore will likely have a slightly different lifestyle than the care-free singles or career driven couples. That said, there is no shortage of kid-friendly activities in Singapore to keep everyone occupied, and the overwhelming amount of greenery (playgrounds and parks) makes for easy and affordable entertainment.

Indian Community - There are over 4 million Indian expats in Singapore.


DPS International School Singapore www.dps.com.sg

The Global Indian International School www.globalschoolsfoundation.org