Capital and largest city - Harare

Languages - English

Western expats are unlikely to struggle with a language barrier as English is the lingua franca of business and schooling, and most Zambians, particularly in the major urban centres, will speak English.

Climate - Tropical; moderated by altitude; rainy season (Nov-Mar). Although there are recurring droughts, floods and severe storms are rare.

Living In Zimbawe - The US, Japan and Germany lifted their travel warnings to Zimbabwe in April 2009; an indication that the security risk for visitors is low. The cost of living in Harare is average in comparison to other places in the world. Grocery costs are low in comparison to other international locations. Recreation and Culture costs are high, a mid-range international restaurant meal for two USD $31.94.

Indian in Zimbawe - There are currently over 10,000 Indians in Zimbabwe, mostly as businessmen


The Harare International School (HIS) www.his-zim.com

founded in 1992, offers an English-medium comprehensive education from an Early Childhood program through Grade 12 to students of the international expatriate community in Harare.