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Global economies are shifting, populations are growing, social classes are fluctuating, and the world’s wealth is being redistributed. Consequently there will be a shift in the ‘world order’ of Travel & Tourism. By 2023, Travel & Tourism industries total economic contribution is forecast to account for 10% of global GDP.Total Travel & Tourism employment is forecast to increase by more than 70 million jobs over the next decade, with two-thirds of those additional jobs in Asia. Hotels -- from boutique types to five-star ones -- are rising all around us. The hospitality industry is poised to grow further this year and in the coming years as a result of the campaign of the Department of Tourism (DoT) to attract more foreign and domestic tourists. The country’s robust economic growth and stable political environment also contribute to strong occupancy rates. “Leisure & Hospitality” is expected to grow by 15 percent . The hospitality industry has recently faced a shortage of skilled workers –We at SHRSPL aim to bridge this shortfall by providing skilled manpower for this industry like.